DigitalDeepak Blogging course in 2020

Searching for ways to make easy money?

From the comfort of your home?

WebLogs interest you?

Afraid of The Big C?

In 2020, I suggest a solution “Blogging”.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an Online Journal or an Informational website displaying data.

Anyone can be a blogger.

Blogging is one of the most Diverse and Lucrative Industries we have today.

If you’re a foodie, you can start a food blog. Fitness Enthusiasts have a fitness blog. You like to travel, make a travel blog. Write and Spread your Knowledge & Expertise with the world.

Blogging to Earn Unlimited Money

Unlimited potential for moneymaking in Blogging. Find that right niche and build connections.

Following are a few ways to monetize with a blog:

  • Cost per Click(CPC/PPC) or Cost per Thousand Impressions(CPM)
  • Affiliate Product Links
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Sell Ads
  • Memberships
  • Just to name a few…

Bloggers Make Mistakes

Blogging is a very powerful medium and most don’t realize it’s not just about creating content but showcasing the right content to your readers to build long-lasting connections. Work to provide the appropriate quality.

A very common mistake among Bloggers. We do Unlimited Research’ but less than 1% find its targets.

Feels a bit Demoralizing, Doesn’t it.

But there is a solution….

Who is Digital Deepak?

Mr. Deepak is a digital marketing consultant, author, speaker, and blogger from Bangalore, India. Blogs about digital marketing at and heads digital marketing at Has previously worked in startups like Exotel, Practo & Instamojo.

Who can do this course?

# Beginners

# Professionals

# Anyone with a flair to write and succeed.

What will you learn?

Modules covered in the course:

  • How to start a blog from scratch
  • Learning WordPress
  • Basics of Google Analytics
  • Getting started with YouTube and Video Marketing
  • Google Ad words
  • Basics of Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing and Automation
  • SMS Marketing
  • SEO and Keyword Research
  • How to use Social Media to drive traffic to your blog.
  • … and more

Become a Blogging Champ

Cost of learning- just Rs. 4999 only.

Join the 100 Day Blogging Course Now.

Here are some Student Feedback’s for the 100 Day Blogging Course

Blogging Success

Everyone needs a mentor. Earn handsomely from the comfort of your home. Be your boss. Learn Blogging.

Join the revolutionary ‘DigitalDeepak 100 Day Blogging Course‘ and be a part of the illusive less than 1% club.


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